Project Overview

CareerDay VR is a multiplayer virtual reality platform for middle and high school students to gain access to careers, mentorship, and skills. CareerDay VR won the second prize at the Georgetown Business School Startup Hoyas competition.

Jacqueline Assar, Kevin Denman, Ben Barone, Daniel Webb

Technologies Used
Photon Unity Networking
HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
What I Worked On

I built the platform in which multiple users can interact with each other in VR via avatars using Unity, C#, and Photon Unity Networking. I worked closely with a 3D artist, Daniel Webb, to make compelling visuals and integrate / optimize for VR.

What I Learned

This was the first time I used Photon Unity Networking and the first time that I built a networked VR application. It was a great challenge to be able to send all necessary information of a player’s hand and head positions, as well as collaboratively being able to modify the world around the user and have those changes be reflected to everyone in the experience.