Project Overview

MadYik is Mad Libs meets Yik Yak. Users can write short sentences with blanks. Other users can fill these blanks with words of the appropriate parts of speech. All mad libs are anonymously displayed to all users, and users can upvote to give the creators of that mad lib “mad points.”

MadYik was built at HuskyHacks, Northeastern University’s first hackathon, which I helped organize.

Collaborators: Kevin McDonough

Technologies Used
React Native
What I Worked On

For this project, I worked mostly on the front end and its integration with the back end. I first mocked up the UI in Photoshop, and then built it using React Native. I also wrote some back-end Django Python API to interface with the front-end.

What I Learned

Neither of us had done any projects involving networking before this, so it was a great adventure to learn the entire stack together and then separate the work. I ended up learning more of the front-end / React because it ties more closely with my design background, but I also learned a lot about the entire stack in the process.