Project Overview

I am a founding member of Coresights, a virtual reality platform with realtime analytics and personalized immersive content that dynamically changes based on individual biometrics. Coresights was accepted into PlayLabs – MIT’s first accelerator for VR/AR/AI companies. Our partners and affiliates include MIT, WeWork Wellness, Inova Health System, Mount Sinai and GW Medical School. Recently we conduced a study with GW Medical School on the efficacy of virtual reality training to reduce stress in medical students and we are currently conducting a study with Mount Sinai on the efficacy of our product with traumatic spinal chord injury patients.

Technologies Used
Samsung GearVR
TPS Finger Sensor
Oculus Rift
Pico Goblin
What I Worked On

The Coresights tech stack involves a mobile app, a VR app, a web app, and a back-end data infrastructure. I build the mobile (Unity/C#), VR (Unity/C#), and front-end web app (ReactJS, HTML, CSS), while assisting in the design of the back-end architecture. One of my co-founders, Toby Clark, builds the majority of the back-end AWS data platform, and I am able to interface with his APIs to read and write data in each of the other platforms.

What I Learned

I not only learn and get practice with the technologies used in building the Coresights product, but I also learn a lot about what it takes to build something that is customer-ready and prepared for updates. I feel that some of the more important things I learn are the soft skills as well. I learn a lot about project management, startup life, networking, and general people skills every day.

Press and Media