Project Overview

Subconscious is a first-person puzzle game inspired by Portal and built in the Unity game engine. It has been approved on Steam Greenlight and has been showcased at several conferences / events including Unite 2015, Boston Festival of Indie Games, and Northeastern University Games Showcase. The project has been a passion project for me for several years, and it has been a major contributor to my Unity/C# skills. I am certainly the type of person who creates his own projects in order to learn as much as possible, and tries to polish these projects to a level where they are consumer-ready.

Subconscious Website
Steam Page

Technologies Used
What I Worked On

I do all things code and I also do most of the design for Subconscious. In the beginning, it was just me and my close friend Anthony running things, but soon I got many of my friends involved to do pieces like sound design, story design, and some art design. The full list of contributors can be found on the Subconscious Website.

What I Learned

Not only did I learn much of my Unity/C# skills from this project, but I also learned (and am continuing to learn) very much about the product development process (from concept to release) and project management. Managing a team to deliver a product proved to be exponentially more challenging than working on the project by myself. I also learned a lot about dealing with rejection, as many times through user testing, people made comments about the game not being good enough, and instead of just simply being offended, I learned to take the feedback in an incredibly positive way to only improve myself and the product.

Press and Media

“Retrograde really does impress with its, fun gravity flipping gameplay, intelligent puzzle design, witty dialogue and subconscious delving premise.”

Subconscious exhibited at the Boston Festival of Indie Games in 2016 and 2017.

Subconscious was part of the #MadeWithUnity Showcase at Unite 2015 Boston.