Project Overview

Pharma makes home medicine much more accessible to the elderly, those with disabilities, and the illiterate. Pharma brings pharmaceutical information over voice control to the user’s Amazon Echo device. Users can ask Alexa how many pills are left in their prescription and learn about the specifics of and side effects of medications they are taking, along with many other functions. Pharma is a mobile app that tracks prescription usage and reminds users to reorder. In the user’s home, Pharma is a pill manager that can dispense daily medication on a timer or on command from either the mobile app or an Amazon Echo.

Pharma won “Best Health Hack” and “Most Innovative Embedded Hack” at PennApps, the largest college hackathon.

Collaborators: Anthony Bisulco, Maxton Conner, Jake Messner
For more info, visit the DevPost page.

Technologies Used
Laser Cutter
What I Worked On

I developed the companion mobile application that connects to the server to access information and send commands to the pill dispenser. I also led product development and developed much of the branding for the project.

What I Learned

Though I didn’t write the code of all components of the big system behind Pharma, I learned a lot about full stack development, developing Skills for Amazon Alexa, and creating powerfully branded IoT products.