Project Overview

Dynamic Object Pool is a Unity Asset that I created and released on the Unity Asset Store as a free resource for other Unity developers to utilize. I was annoyed that my object pools were never able to grow or shrink dynamically, so I created a simple algorithm to determine how to allocate memory more effectively while employing the efficiency of object pooling. For more information about object pools and the asset I created, check it out on the Asset Store.

Asset Store Page

Technologies Used
What I Worked On

I built the algorithm as well as the architecture in which users can simply inherit from one abstract class and receive all the functionality of the dynamic object pool in their own pools, while also being fully customizable. I also created an example scene and documentation for my work so that others can easily understand and modify as needed.

What I Learned

Creating a package that is easily useable by other people is very difficult! Especially because everyone’s development process is different, it is the responsibility of the package creators to satisfy the needs of as many people as possible by making the package as simple to use as possible. I was pretty satisfied with the quality and architecture of my code, but not satisfied with the process that users had to go through to use my code in cases where they needed to make several object pools.