Project Overview

Realms is a virtual reality puzzle game inspired by origami and geometry. Players solve 2D puzzles that transform into dynamic 3D objects that fill their world. This project pushes the boundaries of VR by bringing users into a surreal world in which our implicit ideas of perspective and physics are challenged. Realms was built for and is compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

Jacqueline Assar, Kat Schneider, Kachina Studer

Daniel Webb, Zach Fischer

Technologies Used
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive
Windows Mixed Reality
What I Worked On

Our entire team works very closely to conceive of crazy and unusual ideas for Realms. It is wonderful to have a team in which each member specializes (e.g. I specialize in programming) but also has a knack for production, design, development, and business.

What I Learned

Realms is an ambitious project that sets out to challenge people’s assumptions. I continue to learn much about the production of such surreal ideas, as communication of these ideas is often extremely difficult.