Project Overview

Kolideo is an augmented reality edtech content creation tool that requires no coding knowledge to use. With Kolideo, teachers can easily create AR activities & learning games that fit their curriculum.  Kolideo makes AR and analytics accessible in the classroom by solving logistical problems for teachers and enabling personalized learning opportunities for students. Kolideo won “1st Place Merge Hack” at the 2017 Reality Virtually Hackathon.

Jacqueline Assar, Kat Schneider, Kachina Studer​
MIT Hackathon

Technologies Used
Merge Cube
What I Worked On

Our entire team works very closely to create the AR education platform behind Kolideo. It is wonderful to have a team in which each member specializes (e.g. I specialize in programming) but also has a knack for production, design, development, and business.

What I Learned

I learned how to set up a platform to store and analyze data in AWS. I also learned how to design a fluid interface in augmented reality and on desktop that would be usable by anyone, including those with no coding knowledge.