Project Overview

As part of my Advanced Writing in the Technical Profession class, we were tasked to write a technical document in the field of our expertise. I was immediately excited to tackle this assignment, as I had wanted to share my knowledge of Unity 5 Lighting best practices for a long time. This document was written for intermediate to advanced users of Unity Game Engine, but also provides plenty of hyperlinks and tips for users of any level to be able to catch up on any missing knowledge. The paper was received incredibly well by the professor and was presented as an exemplary document in the class. More of my writing samples from this class can be found in my writing portfolio.

Technologies Used
Adobe Photoshop
MS Word
What I Worked On

I worked very hard on this document, creating customized images and paying close attention to detail such that users of all experience levels could understand the relatively complex content.

What I Learned

I learned about the importance of hyperlinks and tips in technical documentations so that users can easily acquire any knowledge that they may be missing. In software, there is much to know and it is very easy for developers to be missing information that may be obvious to others who have different experiences.