Project Overview

Fotoauto is a mobile application I built in high school in collaboration with Checkerboard Ltd, a printing company at which I interned as a front-end engineer. The app allows users to take photos during an event and immediately print them at a printing station nearby. Checkerboard Ltd was able to use this application at several weddings and events, where guests would take photos and receive their printouts immediately at a printer provided by Checkerboard Ltd. I built this application several months after my internship; the company had this idea and reached out to me to build the application for them as they knew I had some experience with the App Development process from my side projects.

Collaborators: Adoniram Sides (product design), Miles Forrest (back-end engineer)
App Store Link

Technologies Used
Xcode / Interface Builder
What I Worked On

I built the front end of the application, including the UI in XCode / Interface Builder, and the interfacing with the back end by sending photo data to a remote server. I also worked closely with my collaborators and the President of Checkerboard Ltd to create the submission of the app to the App Store, as well as iterating on the submission upon several rejections.

What I Learned

This was the first time I used Interface Builder in XCode, so it was a great adventure to learn. I also learned how the front-end integrates with the back-end in Objective-C, which taught me a lot as I had very little programming experience at the time.