Project Overview

HoloPay is the mixed reality retail platform of the future that enables users to shop their world like never before. HoloPay’s “one gesture pay” function allows users to make purchases with the flick of a hand. Users can purchase items they see on the street, HoloPay pulls up web-ordering information in realtime from retailers, users can search in-store inventories before heading in and make purchases directly from advertisements.  HoloPay is both HMD and smartphone compatible. HoloPay began at the Virtual2Reality Hackathon, where it won the 1st Place Award presented by Discover. Beyond the hackathon, Microsoft and SH//FT supported and spotlighted the HoloPay team.​

Technologies Used
PayPal API
Microsoft Hololens
What I Worked On

I worked on the programming of the AR interactions and interface with the Microsoft Hololens and mobile devices. I also worked to integrate HoloPay with the PayPal API.

What I Learned

As this was my first time developing for the Microsoft Hololens, I learned a lot about the device as well as designing interfaces for head-mounted AR.

Press and Media