Project Overview

Though it began as a simple command line text-based game written in C++ for my Building Game Engines class (first video), I was soon inspired to build my own system for making beautiful text-based games quickly. I partnered with a talented writer and game designer named Grant to employ the tools I built. In order to create a level of separation in work and improve efficiency, I decided to abstract the core writing portion out to a CSV, which gets parsed by C# code and produces a flow for any text-based game. Grant and I, who have very different skill sets, were able to work together incredibly effectively and use this system to make a mobile application that tells the story of an artificially intelligent entity becoming sentient, as seen in the second video above.

Collaborators: Grant Bickelhaupt

Technologies Used
What I Worked On

I worked on all things code and design. Grant was the writer on the project, and was able to work exclusively in an environment that was familiar to him (MS Excel) to create CSVs that automatically were converted into a game by the tools I created.

What I Learned

I learned a very important lesson in collaboration. Sometimes, when a team is very diverse, it is the responsibility of the technical members to build the tools that allow everyone to contribute at the same time, making the entire process more efficient.