Project Overview

TuterRex allows kids ages 7-11 to learn basic math skills up through geometry and basic algebra. It uses a 3D-motion sensing camera to allow kids to help TuterRex on his journey through the tropical island of Pythagorean. Along the way, the kid must help TuterRex solve basic math problems as TuterRex tries to find his way back to his mother. Using the 3D motion camera, kids don’t type in a number, they actually show TuterRex using their hands. It is no longer an EdTech on a screen, rather kids interact with the game just like they do in school – using their hands as they learn to count and solve basic math problems.

TuterRex was developed at HackHarvard 2015.

Collaborators: Aaron Stark, Holly Oegema, Ishaan Agarwal
For more info, visit the DevPost page.

Technologies Used
Intel Realsense 3D
What I Worked On

Most of my team had no prior experience with C# / Unity / 3D, so I spent the first few hours of the hackathon teaching everyone enough to get started. Once they were up to speed, I delegated tasks for them. I did the 3D art and most of the coding, while the others worked in the Unity Game Engine to integrate my code, create the scenes, and do level design.

What I Learned

I learned about effective ways to teach beginners about coding and Unity. I also learned a lot about hand tracking with the Intel Realsense Camera. Because HackHarvard was my first real college hackathon, I also gained familiarity with the hackathon scene from this experience.