Project Overview

Valley of the Giants is a 2D-meets-3D sidescrolling platformer game built at the 2016 Global Game Jam at Northeastern University. In a lonely mountain village overlooking the valley of giants, there is a curious ritual where all children must travel into the wilds on their twelfth birthday to slay a giant and steal its soul. You play as the latest twelve-year-old to undertake the coming of age ritual, though you enter the wilds with a goal unlike any other. You want to befriend the biggest, meanest giant of them all.

For more info, download links, and a list of collaborators, visit the GGJ page.

Technologies Used
What I Worked On

This project was built by a very large team of 11 people with diverse skills. I personally led the programming and art teams from a technical standpoint, and also did a majority of the level design. It was a very intense 48 hours in which I got very little sleep in order to make our ambitious game concept into a reality.

What I Learned

I learned a lot of soft skills from this experience. I learned how to effectively work in a large team, and how to delegate tasks to lead development efforts. I definitely could have done a better job setting up a collaborative environment for code, but all the programmers were able to handle different portions of the interactions and then combine the scripts into one project. If I were to do it again, I would use Git or Unity Collaborate so everyone can contribute at the same time.